Porquê o treino em circuito?

Why circuit training?

Circuit training consists of performing a certain number of exercises performed in sequence, with little or no rest time between them. It can be done individually, in pairs or in small groups. Due to the absence of 'dead' times, it is ideal for those who have little time available, as it combines high intensity with little rest. Therefore, although the training is generally short in duration, it involves a large caloric expenditure as it is carried out with a constantly high heart rate, which also speeds up the metabolism. The fact that it can include aerobic and anaerobic exercises makes it possible to reconcile the loss of fat mass with the increase in muscle mass. Other advantages of this type of training are that it can be performed every day, exercises various areas of the body and presents a low risk of injury. Furthermore, it is great for decompressing and relieving stress as they are dynamic exercises, without monotony that can be easily adjusted in an original way or with just a few variations such as changing the order, increasing intensity/pace, increasing/decreasing the number of repetitions/ series/circuits.
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