Benefícios da isometria muscular

Benefits of muscular isometrics

We all know those static exercises in a plank or squat position, but what exactly is this type of training for?

Muscular isometrics is often used to increase physical resistance and develop the muscles of certain specific muscle groups.

The technique consists of muscle contraction in order to keep the body in a fixed position for a certain period of time. It is a type of work with proven efficiency, both for muscle development and for losing fat mass.

Physical exercise is still closely related solely to lifting weights and the motto “no pain, no gain” which often results in uncontrolled effort, excess weight and overload on the joints. Through isometrics it is possible to work and develop muscles, improve performance in general, increase strength and physical resistance, all with a very low risk of contracting injuries and with preventive capabilities in this field, namely developing the resistance of ligaments and tendons and increase flexibility.

While performing the exercises, it is important to maintain a certain abdominal contraction, even though this is not the muscle group that is mainly worked on, as it allows for greater stability and better posture. It is also possible to combine isometrics with dynamic exercise of the same muscle group, for example, doing 20 squats and in the last one holding the position for 20 seconds.

Some types of exercises:

  • Squat
  • Super man
  • Normal plank, side plank, ball plank, etc.
  • Dumbell holders (Christian position with a weight in each hand)
  • Wall sits (similar to squats but in a grounded position against a wall)
  • Fixed bar (in elevation)
  • V-shaped abdominal

Depending on your physical condition, you can increase the time or number of sets, but you can try starting with 4 sets of 20 seconds with a 10-second break.

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