8 vantagens de treinar em casa

8 advantages of training at home

Practicing physical exercise is very important for our quality of life. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends practicing weekly physical exercises to avoid physical and emotional illnesses and even improve your disposition when performing everyday tasks. Therefore, training at home can be an advantageous option in several ways:

1 – Time savings

Finding time to exercise is difficult, as commuting can take up hours of your day, even more so if you have to deal with chaotic traffic. So use that time it would take you to get to the gym, training at home.

2 – Train in the comfort of your home

Not only because of the commute, but also being able to listen and watch whatever you want are advantages of training at home. Furthermore, you can also practice physical activity while taking care of your children or other family members.

3 – Privacy

Nothing better than training with the feeling that no one is watching you, training at home gives you the privacy that no other place will give you.

4 – Decide your training schedule

Control your schedule, set goals for your day to be met and find a little time in your routine to exercise. Start slowly and stick to the schedules and goals you set. Everything is a matter of adaptation, but the main thing is not to stand still.

5 – Comparison

Focus 100% on you! Training at home helps you not feel pressured to end up comparing yourself to other people at the gym.

6 – Security

Training at home is completely safe, and you can perform your exercises without equipment and using your body exclusively. However, there are several pieces of equipment you can purchase to vary and increase your training solutions.

7 – Choose physical activities that give you pleasure

Get out of the conventional. If you're not a big fan of bodybuilding, know that there is a huge variety of modalities that you can also train at home: Stretching, dancing, pilates, yoga, among many others. Talk to your Personal Person, as he or she will be able to create the training style with exercises that suit you best, after all, what counts is exercising!

8 – Ease

Training at home can be more practical than you think. You can opt for a professional solution using training of the day or zoom training.

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